British Women and Children prohibited from traveling back to UK

Story of a woman who spent 8 years fighting for her rights

A large number of women in Sudan are prevented from travelling with their children by the husband or father because the Sudanese law requires the permission of the husband or father r travel even if the place of residence of the original children is outside Sudan as in the case of Dr. Shadia Omer.

According to the British Embassy in Sudan, the number of women with British nationality banned from travelling to Britain from Sudan this year is 31 women and 19 children, while last year reached 20 women and 13 children.
Empowering the role of the mother in the custody of her children without hindrance wherever she is.

After the success of her case, Dr. Shadia began through her account on Facebook to educate women about their rights and how they can win if they pass through the same problem.

To find out whether people accept or reject the idea of control from the other, I designed a survey on Facebook .

Do you agree or disagree with giving men the right to prevent women and children from travelling ?
people who agreed to mens right to ban women and children from travelling , justify this by arguing that its a religious matter , and the law should follow religion.

A number of activists in the field of women's and children's rights have called for the change of unfair laws against women and to create new laws that take into account the best interests of the family and equality between men and women in rights .