What impact does wearing the hijab have on Omani women in the UK?

Different Meanings

Hijab ..  a small word  but one full of different meanings.  Some people think that “Hijab” is linked to terrorism and violence but others believe it is an essential part of their religion, beliefs and culture.

Oman  is like most  Muslim Countries, The  “Hijab” is a part of Omani life especially outside Muscat ( the capital of Oman).

Omani women in national day ceremony in SQU

Omani women in national day ceremony in SQU

Every year the government in Oman gives (Girls and Boys) around 1600 seats in foreign missions which 400 of them are to UK”,  the  Ministry of Higher Education said.

Hijab is’t a problem 

Asma al balushi ( 31 years old) is an Omani doctor in Royal Liverpool Broadgreen University hospital. She says about her personal experience is that wearing the Hijab”in the  UK has never been a problem.   “I work in the hospital and interact with many people from different backgrounds. I never  saw any of those people disrespect me because I was  wearing the Hijab, she says.

Sometimes take the Hijab off 

Buthaina Al Jabri (28 years old) is an academic advisor to the  Omani cultural attache in the Oman Embassy in the UK.  She says:  “After my experience living in london for a while, I sometimes take the Hijab off  when i used underground station late to give others feels “ I’m One of you”  but i still wear it during the day,  especially because I work in the Oman embassy in UK”.

She adds: “I read so many stories about the hijab.  I think the hijab is something introduced  to protect the women from strangers who might have attacked her in the old days.”

On the other hand, Buthaina agrees that wearing the hijab in the UK will not necessarily protect girls or women.  It is unfortunate too, she says, that it can be a barrier for other nationalities who do not understand Islam or the Hijab.

Agree or disagree" .. Omanis  without "Hijab" in a foreign country

this tweet was seen  by more than 50,000 people and voted by more than 8000 people.

As a result of  the poll more than 70% of people who vored said  they didn't agree because they thought “Hijab” is attached to Islam and the girls whose take it off are Non Muslim and they don't respect their religion ” and 16% of them voted it is a matter of  personal freedom. In other hand 8% only agree with the point

Statistics for twitter

Statistics for twitter

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what do you feel when you see girl with “Hijab”

what do you feel when you see girl with “Hijab”